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  What to do if you are


What to do if you are


  1. Leave a mobile home immediately, no matter how strong you may think it is.  Seek a storm shelter.
  2. Know the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch.
  3. Have an emergency plan in place.  Plan where to go to in the house, school, work, or public building.
  4. Have tornado drills for your children.  There are a    lot of children that are home alone after school waiting for their parents to get off work. Prepare your children!
  5. Stay away from windows.
  6. Go to the lowest floor preferably the basement.
  7. In the basement, seek shelter under the stairwell or heavy piece of furniture.
  8. If no basement, go to small room, hallway, or bathroom with no external walls. 
  9. Take pillows and blankets.
  10. Squat down and cover your head.
  11. Remember, awareness and preparedness are the key words that the local weather  stations suggests to protect yourself from  a tornado!


  1. Listen for sirens during threatening weather. If no sirens, listen for thunder.  If you can hear thunder, then you are in danger of a lightning strike and a  threatening storm is approaching.
  2. Some signs of a dangerous storm approaching is you see a greenish color.  It is believed that the hail in the updrafts causes the color. If you hear a loud roar like a train, this is a tornado.
  3. Do not try to escape in a car
  4. Seek safety in a strong building.
  5. If no building nearby, go to the lowest ground such as a ditch.
  6. Squat down, face down, and cover your head. This is also the recommended position to protect you from lightning strikes.
  7. Stay away from tall objects such as trees and poles. Not only can trees fall on you, but trees can be struck by lightning also.
  8. If you can move out of the path, if possible go at right angles.


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