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Fact 1 :  Safe places versus not so safe places

Fact 2 : Is there a difference between a funnel and tornado?

Actually there are no safe places.  Tornadoes can occur in mountainous regions as well as in the plains.  However, mountainous regions are safer than the plains.  There have been tornado touchdowns in the Appalachian mountains.  Some people may think that rivers are safe.  Tornadoes have struck on both sides of the river banks and it is advisable to leave your boat and find safety in a strong building.

There is a big difference between  a tornado and a funnel.  A funnel is column of air that is spinning violently in the air but has not touch the ground. Once the funnel touches the ground then it is called a tornado.  Tornado storm spotters look for the funnel clouds that may or may not spawn tornadoes.

Fact 3 :   What are some famous outbreaks? Fact 4 :  What state never had a tornado touch down? 

April 3 and 4, 1974

148 tornadoes, affected 13 states, 315 people killed, six had a F5 intensity,$500 million in damages.

April 11, 1965(Palm Sunday)

37 tornadoes, 271 people killed, affected Midwestern states

November 21,1992

94 tornadoes, 26 people killed, affected 13 states, $291 million in damages.

March 18, 1925

747 people killed, affected Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana


United States ranks first in the world  in tornado  touch downs.  Tornadoes touched down in every state including one touchdown in Alaska.  Tornadoes are more prevalent in the southern, eastern, and Midwestern areas of the United States.  Florida has the highest number of tornado touch downs per square mile.  Tornadoes are uncommon in Hawaii and has an average between one and two tornadoes a year.  California has very few tornadoes about four per year.  The southwestern states does not have many due to the dry weather and not enough moisture to sustain the convective currents associated with tornadoes.  Outside the United States. tornadoes touch downed in Bangladesh, Italy, Britain, and Russia to name a few.



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