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bulletThe   Storm Dream (poem) by  lynnsue




Haunting dreams flood the unconscious sea
Animated by photographic images
Out-of-control underneath lies the fear
Tornadic storms approaches through the darkness

Off in the distance, the lightning flashes
Tried to wake up from this nightmare
Leaves begin to turn inside out
Acrid smell of ozone is in the air

Racing thoughts hammer loudly in my head
Instinctively, I rose up to grab a few things
Swiftly ran outside, there is not much time

Where are all the hiding places?
No underground subway, tunnel, or place to hide
Joined the others seeking a safe haven
Perhaps there will be a cave in the nearby hillside

Winds begin to pick up, the rusty skies darken
We continue to run until a pickup truck drives by
Cried frantically for the truck to stop
Help us, not ready to die

The truck decelerates, outstretched hands helped us to climb in
Traveling towards safe ground, the storms approaches near
Reached the underground cave just in time
This is where the storm nightmare ends


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